So, don’t ask what possessed me to create this blog at almost 2 AM, but here it is. I would like to welcome you to the LOTRO Library, a blog dedicated to all things LOTRO. I will have posts here, ranging in topic from fictional short stories, to opinions, to factual guides, and everything else I can think of in between.

So, to start off, a little about myself.  I definitely suffer from altoholism. I mainly play on the Crickhollow server, but I also have characters on Landroval, Laurelin, and Elendilmir. I have played every class, although some not as extensively as others. The two characters I would consider my mains are Carolin, a level 65 Captain (pictured right), and Ssenir, a level 66 Elf Hunter. Both are on Crickhollow. If you play on Crickhollow, you may also see me running around on Pyrite, my Hobbit Burglar, Aerfin, my Human Minstrel, Claytonis, my Elf Rune-Keeper, or Drakgash*, my wargie and minstrel muncher.

I have been playing LOTRO since shortly after the launch of F2P. I am the leader and founder of the kinship Justified, on the Crickhollow server (which used to be one of the largest and most powerful kinships on the server). There will probably be a blog post dedicated to Justified in the near future, so more to come on that later.

My in-game interests include teaching new players, gathering absurd amounts of cosmetics, goofing off, grouping, proving to people that Captains can main-heal, PvP, and anything else that seems interesting at the time. I admit, I am one of those “Oooooo… Shiny!” people, so I am easily distracted. I suppose there are worse things.

I am currently working on bringing my Captain up to level 75, and then I will begin working on a different character (probably my Burglar or my Minstrel). I started seriously playing my Captain about a month ago, after listening to A Casual Stroll to Mordor’s Captain roundtable podcast. Talk about epic! I learned a great deal of information (granted, some of it was a bit outdated), and it was truly inspiring. If you are a Captain, or are considering a Captain, or are not deaf (because if you listen to it, you will roll a Captain), I suggest you listen to it here.

As for real life, I am a 22-year-old (as of October 27th… Happy birthday me!) male living in Wisconsin. Yes, the land of beer and cheese. And snow. And the Green Bay Packers. And beer, and snow. I work both in customer service for a large telecommunications company, as well as serving as a paralegal in the WI Army National Guard. I have a younger sister who also plays LOTRO, albeit sparingly. I have been an RPG junkie for as long as I can remember, although I haven’t had a computer that could handle MMOs until fairly recently (and it’s still not exactly ideal, I MAY have the worst graphics card ever put into a Windows 7 machine).

Well, I think that’s all for now. I need to go to bed, so I can get up for work in the morning. I will have a new post up tomorrow, by the end of the day, about something new. The topic is a surprise (which means I have no idea what it will be just yet)! Until then, may your blade be sharp, your armour be light, and your road be easy.


*If you see my wargie, then my stealth isn’t working properly. Please inform me by ganking me so I can take my wargie in for a check-up. Thank you.