Recently my Minstrel, Aerfin, won the mounted rear up emote from the lottery. I think this is awesome! The three new emotes are going to be /mountrearup, /mountkick, and /mountbow. New emotes, and ways to express yourself (or to just show off and look cool) are always a good thing. It sounds like the new mount emotes are going to be store exclusive, so I probably won’t buy them personally, but being able to win one for free in a lottery makes my Minstrel happy. The downside is, now I’m going to have to horde mounts on my Minstrel.

The mount emotes will be coming to the LOTRO store in the near future. There has been no official word on the cost yet, but I’d expect them to be the same price as the other store exclusive emotes. For now, you can enter into the lottery at, and maybe you’ll get lucky!