You may or may not be aware, but I’m a raging altoholic. That’s right, I said it. I should almost look into therapy for my altoholism… The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? But, I figured it would be interesting for you to meet my various characters, or as I like to refer to them, personalities, because it seems like my mood and mannerisms change, based on which character I am playing.

We’ll start out with my first and probably most widely known: Ssenir, Leader and Founder of Justified.

  • Name: Ssenir (pronounced “seh-neer”)
  • Race: Elf
  • Class: Hunter
  • Level: 66

Ssenir is a level-headed and calculating. He speaks plainly, but is very intelligent and articulate. He cares little of the opinions of others, but is respectful of everyone. He is just and fair, and never fails to see the good in people. He is incredibly patient, but he has quite the temper should it ever be awakened. He is always willing to take time to listen to the thoughts and concerns of others, and assist in any way he can. He is the leader and founder of the kinship Justified, and he believes strongly in random acts of kindness.

Ssenir originally hails from the Mirkwood, from which he left many years ago, before the shadows began to creep forth from the east. He is of average height and weight for an elf. His stare is piercing, as though he looks and sees at a glance what a man is truly wrought of. Lesser men cower before his skill with a bow, and they have been known to flee at the first draw.


For Ssenir, I am currently running in a fairly common critical DPS build. I draw a lot of my damage from Barbed Arrow bleed damage (both traited and assisted by a legendary weapon legacy) and focus skills, such as Blood Arrow (yes, I include Blood Arrow as part of my regular rotation). I admit, I have not logged many hours on Ssenir post-RoI, so the build is in definite need of some fine-tuning.

I trait a combination of Bowmaster and Huntsman trait lines. My current legendaries are Bard’s Arrow, Rain of Thorns, and Press Onward.

For the future, I plan to get Ssenir to level 75, at which point I will start playing around with some post-RoI builds. I enjoy playing in the Moors, so perhaps I’ll give Trapper of Foes another shot and try some Moors crowd control.