Sorry I’ve been slacking the last couple days, but I’ve been swamped. I should be sleeping right now, to be honest, but I’m going to put a couple things out before I do.

1.) THE FALL FESTIVAL ENDS TOMORROW! Monday is the last day for Fall Festival 2011. Don’t forget to spend your tokens, get your consumable deeds finished, and anything else you wanna do, because it won’t be back until this time next year. Each festival uses the same tokens every year, so if you have extra tokens and don’t mind using up the vault space, you can throw the fall festival tokens into your vault for next year.  Lastly, there are lots of lotteries going on at which could win you tokens!

2.) I have managed to get Carolin, my captain, up to level 73. With 75 on the horizon, I have to decide which character I’m going to level next. I’m considering Ssenir, my hunter (because he’s next closest at 66), Pyrite, my burglar (because she is already in Moria and I like burgs), and Aerfin, my minstrel (because I would like to have a high level scholar and healer). Any input you guys wanna provide, such as with a comment (hint, hint) would be appreciated!

3.) I will have another post up for you tomorrow! Have a great night!