Alrighty, I seem to have hit a brick wall on Carolin. Carolin is just beginning her final level. However, I seem to have run out of on-level quests! I have already completed Vol III, Book 4, and all of Dunland quests I could find. Unfortunately, it has not been enough, and I still need to grind out a final level.

I suppose my options are going back to complete Vol III, Books 1-3, or just doing a ton of skirmishes. Neither of those two options appeal to me very much.

This leads me to a few questions. Is this just a personal problem, because I basically skipped most of Enedwaith and most of the Epic Quest? Is there another questline sitting out there that I don’t know about? Or did Turbine just not release enough content with the actual expansion, opting instead to release part of it with Update 5?

This is a definite issue. In the meantime, I am so close to 75 that I can almost feel it… And so, I will go gets it. Yes, I will gets it from the tricksy devses… My precious…