First off, I want to give a MAJOR thank you to Adrian Tan, who commented on my post “The Path to 75” and reminded me about The Pit of Iron, in the Heathfells. Without that friendly reminder, I would have probably forgot about it for quite a while. Now, thanks to him, Carolin has achieved level 75! Yay!

Now, it turns out there was a fairly major questline in the Heathfells that I almost missed. There are several quests that are prerequisites to The Pit of Iron. As far as I can tell, you have to complete the quests from Ondor the Dwarf (86.5S, 4.7W ) as well as the battle for Dol Baran questline, which starts with a quest “Herald of the Rohirrim”. An item dropped by the Hound Master from the quest “The Master of Beasts” will start the herald quest.

Once you have won the battle for Dol Baran, you will be able to go get the quests for The Pit of Iron. The quests start with a “Dwarven Pick-Axe” lying on the ground near the entrance to the cave. The quest will then take you inside to take to Ondor, who will then give you several more quests to take you deeper into the pit.

Unfortunately, the Pit of Iron is currently without an official map of its own, but at least you don’t fall through the floors any more. Remarks from Sapience suggest that there will be a map in the future. If you have trouble starting the quest “Herald of the Rohirrim”, and you have already killed the Hound Master, check your inventory. You may have a letter in there which starts the quest (that’s what happened to me).

Best of luck, and safe journeys always!