Last night, I had the pleasure of finally running Dragioch for the first time. I ran it on Carolin with a few old friends from the Crickhollow raiding kin Asylum, many of whom used to be Justified members. It was a great run, not only because it didn’t bug on us, but also because the run itself went very smoothly. We had only 1 member go down once, and that person was quickly revived by super-dee-dooper captain in-combat rezzes! At the end of the raid, I got lucky and won 2 Worn Symbols of Celebrimbor so I could obtain BOTH of my 2nd age legendary items (which I promptly did afterwards).

Now, I’ve heard rumors that with Update 5, the morale for Dragioch’s limbs are going to be reduced, which I take to mean that this fight will get easier (or perhaps just shorter). Now, maybe this is a credit to the skill of Asylum’s raid leader and raiding abilities (this particular raid was led by Rambostacked, an former Justified officer, actually), but I found the whole run very easy. There were a couple of people on this run who had never done it before, including myself, and yet there was only 1 death during the whole run (and it was in the final phase). There was only a few times when I really needed a big heal (which came in time, every time).

I will wrap this up by saying that it was an excellent run, and that Rambostacked did an excellent job leading. Hopefully I will be able to run with them again in the future.