Alrighty, time for another edition of “Me and My Multiple Personalities”. This time, we’re going to be focusing on Carolin, my favorite of all my characters to play.

  • Name: Carolin
  • Race: Man
  • Class: Captain
  • Level: 75

Carolin is a natural leader, cool under pressure, and brave to the point of idiocy. She leads from the front, not afraid to bark orders or speak her mind. She has a tendency to jump into things without thinking them through thoroughly, but she has an uncanny ability to turn even the nastiest situations around  and salvage something good from them. She has a fairly mellow personality, and is not easily angered. She does not take pleasure in fighting, as some do. However, she does not hesitate to do her duty.

Carolin was born and raised in the Bree-lands. She served for a short while as part of the Bree-town guard, but quickly grew bored of it (very little happens in Bree-town). She left the Bree-town guard and moved on to bigger, better things. After travelling the lands of Middle Earth, she eventually decided to lend her services to a mercenary group, until she could find a place to lay down some more permanent roots. Carolin has yet to find a place where she can picture herself living out the rest of her life, and still therefore lends her services to whoever has need of them.


I love my captain. Hands down, without a doubt, the captain is my favorite class to play. I run pretty much exclusively in Hands of Healing, because I am personally terrible at tanking, and I really don’t see Leader of Men (the “pet” line) as a viable option in end-game group instances.  My favorite role to play the captain in is a general support role. I can off-heal, off-tank, and buff as necessary; I feel like in that role I am most beneficial to my group because the versatility of captains can really shine.

For my legendary traits, I have In Defense of Middle Earth, Fellowship-brother, and Hands of Healing (the HoH capstone trait). This gives me the greatest benefit overall, both in solo and group play, in my opinion, because with Fellowship-brother and Hands of Healing equipped, I can run solo with a herald and self-heal with several different skills. Between Valiant Strike, Inspire, Muster Courage, Rallying Cry, and Revealing Mark, if  I’m getting these skills off, I can take on a lot of guys before I have to worry about my health even going down. Once it starts to drop, I still have Last Stand and Man-Heal (the man racial trait that heals 3k morale). In a group, the benefits are obvious. I can restore morale or power to everyone in my group consistently, in the form of constant HoTs. No too shabby if you ask me.

Carolin has already reached level 75, so at this point, I’m going after gear and virtues. It only took me about a month to get Carolin from level 20 to level 75, so I skipped a lot of deeds along the way. I currently have virtues slotted that are only rank THREE (and on a level 75 character who wants to go raiding, that’s not good). I have some catching up to do, but I can’t wait to get my hands on the Rise of Isengard captain set.