Alrighty folks, I have to admit, I’ve been very busy with work. My blog has kinda fallen by the wayside lately. However, I have a few things that should be said. I am always looking for ideas of new things to blog about, and new content to add to the blog. Guest writer submissions, ideas, thoughts, and comments are always appreciated, whether it be email, added to a post, in-game, or otherwise.

I am in need of some new content to get the ball rolling here again, so… I’m having a contest! The winner will receive the code for a Rise of Isengard Legendary Edition expansion download!

That means the winner will get:

    • All three Rohirrim Style Mounts with a blanket & emblem in the colours of green, red and white
    • All three sets of matching cosmetic Rohirrim Style armour in the colours of green, red and white
    • An in-game title – Guard of the Isen
    • Access to the Path of the Fellowship Quest Packs including Trollshaws, Eregion, Lothlórien and Moria plus the Mirkwood Quest Pack as a special bonus
    • 1,000 Turbine Points for use in the LOTRO Store

Second place will get a download code for the base edition, which includes:

    • A Rohirrim Style Mount with a red coloured blanket and sun emblem
    • An in-game title – Guard of the Isen

Yay for contests! So, what is this contest, you ask? I am looking for guest writer submissions. They can be about any topic. The submission may be poetry, a short story, a guide, thoughts on a recent change, or anything else you may think up, as long as it LOTRO related. I will be the only judge as to who the winner is, and my decisions are final. First, second, and third place will all get their submissions posted to the blog, with full credit given to the writer of the piece. I reserve the right to make any minor changes I deem necessary (such as spelling, punctuation, etc.). All submissions must be emailed to The final date for submitting the piece is 08 January 2012. Please try to keep your pieces to a fairly reasonable length. Submissions will be graded on creativity, grammar (to a degree), originality, and awesomeness. I look forward to (hopefully) a lot of reading!

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