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After much anticipatory buildup, I figure it is time to reveal the first-place winning entry in our Rise Of Isengard giveaway. Written by David, I hope you enjoy “Lalia, a Girl in Red”

Lalia, that girl in the red
Somehow got it into her head
To journey to the Barrow-Down
That girl, with her pretty red gown
When she arrived she trembled at the sight
For behold!  A great cruel barrow-wight!
She fled and lost her cloak
And she thought twas a cruel joke!
She lost her way in the vast field
And to fear, she did yield
Soon a noble hero did try to save her
He fought the wight, and gained her favour
Then did a great wight arise
And the hero did look at it’s eyes
And with a shout the hero fell
Those eyes, brought him to Hell
Lalia jumped and ran for her life
She escaped, and lives as a serving wife
Now that hero, for pain never sleeps a wink
And in that torturous place, does he often think
“Lalia, Lalia, of the crimson dress!
My feelings for you I wish I could express!
Alas alas!  I cannot!
So hear my final thought!
Damn the chat filter!
Damn the chat filter!

Andared took second place in the RoI guest writer competition with this letter to Elrond. Enjoy!


Just as Elrond stooped to pick up a book which had fallen off one of the shelves in his library, the doors swung open and an Elf messenger hurried down the steps, and after a quick bow, the Elf revealed a scroll with an elaborate wax seal and held it out to Elrond.

“News from General Lainedhel, in the Ettenmoors, my lord.”

“Thank you,” Elrond said, with a dismissive wave of the hand.

After the messenger left, Elrond broke the seal and unraveled the scroll to divulge its contents.

Greetings, Lord Elrond,

I write to you concerning matters which have recently unfolded in the Ettenmoors.  Four nights ago, an Orc stumbled upon one of our scouting parties as he sought to make his way over the pass in the mountains, heading south towards the Trollshaws. This was nothing out of the ordinary, as our scouts have encountered many Orcs in previous situations similar to this one.  However, this Orc bore with him a strange message in black speech, which I have thus translated, and reads as follows:

“Greetings, man of many colors. This is Tyrant Akulhun, leader of the forces of Angmar. Over the past weeks the Elf dogs combined with help from the Longbeards, little folk, and Man-flesh have gained considerable victories over my forces.  These maggots tend to be more useful for making walls than fighting, but we won’t be able to assault Rivendell if we don’t have any Orcs surviving their first fight.  After inspecting a few of my soldiers, and watching them train, I notice several defective spots in their armor. These maggots seem to be weaker and less able to mitigate attacks than they were before.  I need new armor for these scum before the Elf dogs assault Gramsfoot itself, and quickly! With the new furnaces you’ve…acquired, you should be able to craft us better armor than what we make do with here.  Get those maggots to work, and quickly!


It seems that the “Man of many colors” that the Uruk mentions in this letter is Saruman, our newfound enemy in the South.  I also regret to inform you that while we did manage to stop this messenger, it appears another one somehow managed to slip through our watch, because two days later, we received word from the Rangers that the forges of Isengard blazed anew and the shouts of Orcs felling trees could be heard from their furthest camps.  How they plan on shipping the armor to the forces of Angmar at Gramsfoot is a mystery to me.  But for such a large army, it will take many days, regardless of what route of delivery they should choose.  In the meantime, I seek your council on what I should have my armies do in light of these words.  Would you have me attack, and storm Gramsfoot in an effort to eradicate the forces of Angmar before help can be received, or would you have me hold back my forces, and keep an eye on the borders, to stop the shipments from ever arriving?

My own inclinations tell me to attack and wipe out the threat to Rivendell once and for all.  But, if such an attack were to fail, the route to Imladris would be left dangerously unguarded.  Open to a counter-assault from the forces of Angmar.  Because such a decision could determine the fate not only of my own fighting force, but that of Rivendell itself, I feel it is my duty to allow you to make the judgment on what must be done.

Please respond as quickly as possible so I may arrange my forces accordingly. And may the grace of the Valar be upon you, and us all.


~General Lainedhel

Alrighty, submission deadline for the RoI giveaway has ended, and I have picked the winners!

The winners are as follows:

  • First Place: David, with the poem “Lalia, That Girl In Red”
  • Second Place: Andared, with a letter to Elrond
  • Third Place: Pounceclaw of Landroval, with a guide to Warg Packs

I will post all three, spread out throughout this week. David and Andared, check your emails and you should see the code for your bright and shiny new RoI expansion!

First off, we will post the runner-up, third place submission from Pounceclaw of Landroval.


The main advantage of the warg pack is the stealth and tracks. Most warg packs avoid the main figh and kill small groups and stragglers. The best is to allow the leader or alloted warg to pounce (5 sec stun/knockout) while the rest of the group uses bloody maul (DoT from stealth). Most groups then split before any more freeps show up, if caught they mainly use Disappear and Flee. The main goal is to stay alive and get quick kills.

Many groups require the members to have improved stealth equipped, it gives you better stealth and +55% run speed while stealthed. A huge point is no matter who is attacking you, stay on the leader’s target. When you pick your own targets you should try to pick healers and hunters (other squishies are okay, too) but if you hit a burg never stun them because it will give them a huge evade buff.

If a freep attempts to flee use sprint then tendon shred (skill given at rank 3) and let other creeps catch up. Warg packs are in my opinion highly fun, depending on your leader, voice chat is highly reccomended so you can hear orders and give advice. Oh, you’ll hear a lot about “nomming hobbits.”

Good luck to you and see you in the Moors!


I will post the other two winners’ submissions later this week.