Today, I’m going to take a minute to share a couple cosmetic ideas with you. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them (and my thoughts on them). Feel free to use them!

This is Eorrick, one of my Wardens. Given that Wardens use special shields and often carry a spear, I decided to go for a Spartan-esque look with him.

  • Head: Helm of Rohan (Crimson)
  • Shoulders: None
  • Back: Plain Cloak (Crimson)
  • Upper Body: Hauberk of the Mirrormere (Crimson)
  • Lower Body: None
  • Feet: Cutleaf’s Boots

One thing that I think a lot of people don’t realize is that sometimes, less is more. I did nothing with the shoulders here because I couldn’t find anything I liked, and I realized that I like the look without shoulder-armour better anyway. To entirely remove a piece of equipment cosmetically, go into your character window, go to the cosmetic tab, and uncheck the eye next to the piece of equipment you want to remove.

Next is Eloc, my Guardian. Since he is a Guardian, I wanted thick, sturdy armour, and lots of it. I decided to go with a gold theme, because I liked how it matched up with the cloak I used.

  • Head: Copper-Inlaid Helmet
  • Shoulders: Dunlending’s Shoulderpad of Battle
  • Back: Heavy Fur Dunlending Cloak
  • Upper Body: Hall-General’s Breastplate
  • Hands: Gloves of the Impossible Shot
  • Lower Body: Leg-Guards of the Killing Blow (Black)
  • Feet: Boots of the Eorlingas

It’s important to note that I DO have wardrobe space, and as such am able to create this outfit. Some of the equipment in this outfit is class-restricted (Hunter & Captain). However, because I have wardrobe space, I can equip it cosmetically anyway.

Caane is my second (although created first) Captain. I played him as an RP character for a while, but have recently had the chance to shake the dust off of him because my girlfriend’s Hunter is about the same level. I was originally planning on a more armour-clad look, but then I saw the hat sitting in my wardrobe and decided to go for the fourth musketeer.

  • Head: Fancy Plumed Hat (Crimson)
  • Shoulders: Dunlending’s Shoulderpad of Battle
  • Back: Golden Summer Tree Cloak (Crimson)
  • Upper Body: Trapper’s Leather Jacket (Crimson)
  • Hands: Gloves of the Impossible Shot (Crimson)
  • Lower Body: Isbur-Socas (Crimson)
  • Feet: Greaves of the Dragonslayer (Crimson)

I ❤ the blend of gold and crimson on this outfit. I also woud like to point out that some items can be used in multiple ways, especially with a fresh coat of dye (the gloves, for example, were dyed a different color and used on my Guardian above).

The last character I’m going to talk about it Carolinn, my main and my primary Captain. One of her outfits you’ve seen in screenshots before, and the other is new.

  • Head: None
  • Shoulders: Thick Elven Shoulderguards (Black)
  • Back: Torahammas’ Cloak (Black)
  • Upper Body: Thick Elven Soldier’s Armour (Black)
  • Hands: Thick Elven Soldier’s Gloves (Black)
  • Lower Body: Barrow-Warrior’s Leggings (Black)
  • Feet: Barrow-Warrior’s Boots (Black)

A couple things I want to point out here. First of all, I hate the way that the chest-piece looks in it’s default color. However, I like it a great deal after it has been dyed. Don’t write off a piece of equipment without checking how it looks dyed in the cosmetic window (CTRL + Left Click) first. Also, don’t write off a piece of equipment just because it’s a lower-level or uncommon (yellow) item. The Barrow-Warrior’s set is, in my opinion, one of the coolest looking sets of armour around, and the rest of this Elven armour in this outfit is uncommon rarity. Don’t vendor trash or discard equipment without looking at it for cosmetic value first.

Lastly, we’ll look at Carolinn’s other outfit.

  • Head: Hillman’s Cracked Leather Helm
  • Shoulders: Shoulders of the Brazen Call
  • Back: Cloak of the Raven
  • Upper Body: Breastplate of the Brazen Call
  • Hands: Spearman’s Singed Leather Gauntlets
  • Lower Body: Leggings of the Brazen Call
  • Feet: Hillman’s Cracked Leather Boots

What I’d like to mention about this one is that it doesn’t hurt to go for a set to use cosmetically. The “Brazen Call” set actually looks pretty cool. However, it doesn’t hurt to experiment and combine two sets either. The head, hands, and feet from this item are all random drop items from Dunland. When used in combination with “Brazen Call” Captain’s Moria set, I like the result a lot more than using the set alone.

Well, that’s it. Hope you enjoyed it!