I will admit, I would definitely consider myself an altoholic. I have about 35 different characters spread between 5 different servers. Do I play them all regularly? No. Do I occasionally get bored and create another alt, only to level him up for a while, then leave him to sit and gather dust? Absolutely.

However, one thing that has always annoyed me about the LOTRO store is the inability to purchase certain items as an account-wide purchase. Instead, I have to go in and buy it on every single character I want it on, assuming they get to a high enough level to make use of it.

Therefore, I would like to propose that every item in the LOTRO store, with the exception of items that are already account-level (such as shared storage, etc.) be purchasable in both a per-character and account-wide option. There are several items that I would buy if they had an account-wide option, but not without one. I realize that an account-wide purchase option would of course be at an increased cost over the per-character option, but I would REALLY like the option to be there.

Personally, I think a fair price for an account-wide purchase would be about 3-5 times as much as the per-character price, depending on the item. Some items, such as the 95 TP Riding Skill, could be priced higher than that; I would probably pay 1000 TP for an account-wide Riding Skill purchase. Items limited to a particular race or class should be lower (2-3 times the cost of a per-character unlock) because they can only be used on certain characters. Cosmetics could remain on a per-character basis, as for all intents and purposes they are already account-wide with the use of wardrobe space. This also would not apply to things like LI Legacies, Rune packs, dyes (EXCEPT FOR THE WAR-STEED ONES), and other “short-cut” items.

I think this would be a positive, income-generating change for Turbine, and for the player base as well. The more options I have in ways to spend my monthly stipend of Turbine points, the better. Not to mention, if this change was made, I’d be very, very tempted (read: “I would undoubtedly give in to my temptation”) to buy a large amount of Turbine points on top of my monthly VIP stipend so that I could unlock a lot of account-level stuff right away.

What are everyone else’s thoughts on the matter?