Ssenir (pronounced seh-neer) is a LOTRO enthusiast who primarily plays on the Landroval server. He is a member of the Council of the Secret Fire kinship. He has been playing LOTRO since shortly after the release of F2P.

Ssenir definitely suffers from altoholism. He mainly plays on the Landroval server, but he also has characters on Crickhollow, Laurelin, and Elendilmir. He has played every class, although some not as extensively as others. The two characters he would consider his mains are Carolinn, a Woman Captain , and Ssenir, an Elf Hunter (pictured left). Both are on Landroval. If you play at all though, you may see him running around, as he has many characters on many servers!

Ssenir’s in-game interests include teaching new players about LOTRO, gathering absurd amounts of cosmetics, goofing off, grouping, proving to people that Captains can main-heal, PvP, and anything else that seems interesting at the time. He is one of those “Oooooo… Shiny!” people, so he is easily distracted.

You can reach him through in-game mail, comments, or by sending an email to