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Level Up… With Festival Quests!

I was playing with my girlfriend tonight. We started off by playing the through day 1 of the Yule Festival, her on her level 45 Hunter, me on my level 85 Captain. Afterwards, she we joined up on our dynamic duo, her Hunter and my Burglar, both level 45. We’ve been playing with these two together (and almost exclusively together), so I was rather surprised when her Hunter had gained over a quarter of a level on me!

Later on I took my Burglar through Winter-home, and I was quite surprised to find that all Yule Festival quests are on-level quests (for level 45 characters, they will be level  45, for level 20 characters, they will be 20, etc.)! Previously, all festival quests were level 10, period. If you were well over that level, you did not get experience. The full Dev Diary for this year’s Yule Festival can be found here.

I think this is an excellent change, especially considering the number of Yule Festival quests that have to be done to get the best rewards. I don’t feel as guilty now playing through the Yule Festival dailies knowing that in the process, I’m actually helping them level up as well. What are your thoughts?

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No More Daily Skirmishes?

I was playing around on one of my characters on Landroval today, and decided to run a skirmish to get some quick experience. As most of us know, the daily skirmish bonus alone can be over half a level in the  20-30 level range. I used the instance finder, and eventually I was grouped with another player, and we ran Trouble In Tuckborough. Imagine my suprise when we got to the end, and there was no daily skirmish bonus!

I thought it may be due to the fact that I used the instance finder, but I checked it on a few other characters as well. The ring in the instance join panel used to mark which skirmishes may still be completed for the daily bonus is no longer there. I truly hope that this does not mean that daily skirmishes are gone, that was the only reason I ran them before level cap.

Apparently they slipped this one by us with Update 5, and let me say, this is one change that I am not happy about.

Yay Mount Emotes!

Recently my Minstrel, Aerfin, won the mounted rear up emote from the lottery. I think this is awesome! The three new emotes are going to be /mountrearup, /mountkick, and /mountbow. New emotes, and ways to express yourself (or to just show off and look cool) are always a good thing. It sounds like the new mount emotes are going to be store exclusive, so I probably won’t buy them personally, but being able to win one for free in a lottery makes my Minstrel happy. The downside is, now I’m going to have to horde mounts on my Minstrel.

The mount emotes will be coming to the LOTRO store in the near future. There has been no official word on the cost yet, but I’d expect them to be the same price as the other store exclusive emotes. For now, you can enter into the lottery at, and maybe you’ll get lucky!